Frosty mornings

July 18, 2012, 8:23 pm by Heather Webster

Bright sun struggles to warm the frosted ground.
Chains of water droplets along the bare winter branches sparkle more than diamonds.
A rosella lands heavily in the almond tree releasing a brilliant shower. Against the sun, its bright feathers are muted but its shape unmistakable; a solid exclamation mark against the sky.
All the birds land differently. Heavy-bodied crested pigeons use their tails like a tightrope walker’s pole, see-sawing back and forth before the balance is struck. Tiny silvereyes flick in and out of existence, their flight so fast they manifest in one place then another with invisibility in between. Magisterial magpies select the stronger branches to avoid unseemly bobbing about.
The warmth of the sun seems welcome by all.

Heather Webster, Langhorne Creek Grape Grower, writer and lover of esoteric facts

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