Spring Changes

October 23, 2012, 6:38 pm by Heather Webster

Spring is now well established. How else would we measure time without the signs of change? I see new buds and blossoms forming as the old leaves and cuttings decay. The new growth cannibalizes the old. Cleaning teams of insects, bacteria, fungi all have specialized species to partake of the feast. During the growing season, the vines grow fast and strong. Leaf, stalk and petiole form masses of new growth feed and protect the flowers and grapes that are their seeds of their immortality. In autumn, they are cast aside to try again next year. Nutrients are efficiently recycled in other lives.
Another season, another buds, another seed, ready to cast the dice in the game of life. Not –he loves me he loves me not, but to live or not to live. The things alive this season need to survive, and then reproduce so the species lives. My mother is experiencing her ninety sixth spring. Ninety-six seasons 34,310 revolutions around the sun. Ninety-six years of being pressed to the surface of the earth by gravity and she has only shrunk about an inch. We are a robust lot.
There is much talk this year of the changing climate. Indeed, the climate of this world is ever changing. At macro and micro level the changes are large or small depending on your frame of reference. For a species which inhabits most of the existing environments on the world, what is astonishing is simultaneously our ability to adapt our living spaces to meet the very narrow range of climates in which we are comfortable. For me between 20 and 30 degrees and 80% relative humidity is about right. No change to the composition of the atmosphere either thanks very much, and plenty of water to drink pleases. How did we ever get to be this numerous with that narrow range of living conditions?
So how do we measure success? We could calculate biological success by numbers and spread or can we consider a concept of cultural success as measured by memories, by column centimeters? If we accept that the great achievements of our kind are art science and music, rather than numbers then we are successful indeed.

Heather Webster

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