November 20, 2012, 11:43 am by Heather Webster

We turn into our neighbour’s driveway, and rabbits scatter. The drooping limbs of the acacia are perfect cover. After good rains, there is plenty of feed and the soil is sandy, making digging burrows easy. I grudgingly admire the rabbit clan for its biological success. They win the prize for the fastest invasion of any mammal as they are perfectly suited for rapid breeding with does reaching maturity after only four months and able to produce six litters a year.
But they destroy the fragile vegetation and denude the land.
Our neighbours are anxious about rabbit burrows undermining the dam walls and interfering with precious water storage.
These rabbits are doing well, sleek, fat and proliferating.
I get angry with Thomas Austin who introduced rabbits into Australia in 1859.
I remember how delicious rabbits are and wonder how I can get a couple for the pot.
Barry has a wry smile, noting that it is only appropriate rabbits live there – it is the Warren’s driveway after all.
Good or bad – the same facts have different meanings depending on where you sit.

Heather Webster

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