Windsong Wines

Our History

Langhorne Creek is one of Australia’s oldest premium wine grape growing areas. High quality grapes from here underpin many great long-established brands and famous labels. Metala vineyards (on the other side of town) have the oldest registered cabernet vineyard in the world. Windsong Wines is part of an increasing trend toward local brand promotion and district recognition.

We first planted wine grapes here at Windmills at the Creek in 2002.  The name reflects our love of windmills, and an appreciation of their important and increasing role in sustainable energy and perhaps most of all from the long history of their use in Langhorne Creek.

We always planned to grow a very small amount of premium grapes to make the sort of wine we love. We also grow about fifty types of fruit here, including apples and pears, plums, peaches, quinces, loquats, almonds, pomegranates, cherries, oranges, mulberries, figs and olives. These enrich our lives and our wine.

Langhorne Creek has a passionate, warm and caring community which prides itself on self-help and innovation. You can hear about our latest community project to restore the “Old School” in the “Conversations from the Creek” page.

Wind power works best where there is plenty of wind, and Langhorne Creek‘s wind is celebrated in some of the best known local labels; Lake Breeze and Howlin’ Gale represent the gentle and wild ends of the spectrum. Our choice of the name Windsong reflects the milder winds we experience here.