Windsong Wines

Art and Design

Our Label: The Painting

The painting on our label is an original oil conceived and produced by artist Elspeth McEachern. Elspeth is a good friend who sails around the world stopping from time-to-time in beautiful and adventurous locations. You can follow her adventures on her web site.

Elspeth painted the picture for us in 2009 after a welcome visit here and we liked it so much we decided to use it for our label.

Our Label: The Design

The label was designed by Natasha Adams. We love her evocative windswept font which complements our name beautifully. The front label presents our wine perfectly: elegant, exciting Langhorne Creek Shiraz.

The words on the back label to give you a taste of who we are and what we believe about our wine.

Our Web Photos

The beautiful pictures on this web site which we hope you enjoy were taken by Michelle Cohen from neighbouring Maccelsfield. We think she has captured the spirit of our wine in its natural setting. If you need a wonderful photographer, visit her website

Our Web Design

The Windsong Wines website was designed by Sarah Gleeson, an illustrator, photographer, graphic and web designer, who runs Meekins.

Our Web Development

This website was developed by Imaginary Media, a web development and technology solutions company based in Sydney, Australia. The site uses WordPress to run our blog and shopping cart.